The History of Company

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1929 - Foundation of the company; owner: the Quintavalle family 100%

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1974 - The Quintavalle family sold 60 % of ICS shares to Chloride (UK)

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1981 - Chloride sold its 60% of ICS shares to Hagen Batterie (Germany)

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1987 - The Quintavalle family sold its 40% of ICS shares to Hagen  Batterie

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1996 - Hagen Batterie sold ICS to Ceac

bullet_2_s3_red_sh1998 - Ceac sold ICS to Exide Italy

bullet_2_s3_red_sh2008 - Change of the legal entity name from ICS-Industria Composizioni    Stampate SpA to Exide Technologies Plastics SpA

bullet_2_s3_red_sh2010 - Exide Italy sold Exide Technologies Plastics SpA business to Industrie Composizione Stampati Srl (SE.R.I. Group)